Ringelberg AIM is all about transparency, both when it comes to information provision and working methods. Transparency is a prerequisite in order to engage with clients in a client-centred way and a must if you want to make a difference as an organisation.


New insights arise by listening and consulting with experts and specialists, bouncing ideas off other people every once in a while, and experiencing different business processes. These insights can create huge added value.


The Dutch pensions sector is like an overcrowded forest. Structure and a project-based approach are essential so that we don’t miss the wood for the trees. Regardless of the size and nature of the assignment, my goal is to provide structure and reveal the essence of the problem as quickly as possible. In the following weeks an action plan is prepared which forms the basis for further collaboration.


I always perform my work with enthusiasm, which is easy because I love what I do! I know from experience that having a positive attitude towards work and being sincerely interested in people rubs off on the people around you and boosts performance.

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Tjalling Luidinga

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Shell Pensioenbureau Nederland B.V.

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Paul van Bijsterveldt

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