The Dutch pensions market is continuously evolving. The new Pension Agreement, the digitisation of pension schemes, the ban on commissions for complex products… Prompted by public debate, supervisory bodies or legislation, transition and change processes have become a common occurrence in the pensions sector, and in particular the financial service sector. Putting the client at the heart of everything and optimised business operations – that’s what we’re aiming for. The preconditions for this are transparency, cost efficiency and quality.

Innovative and effective

Many pension providers are improving and maintaining the standard of their administrative performance. But it takes more to make a difference in an increasingly competitive environment. It takes people able to make the most of existing data sources using innovative solutions. And a new ICT landscape. Only then can organisations with an effective administrative support service meet all the needs of their customers.

Ringelberg AIM – expert knowledge, personal approach

The Dutch pensions and insurance sector is in full transformation. And as chance would have it, that just happens to be what Ringelberg AIM is specialised in: project and change management in the pensions sector. Arnoud Ringelberg: ‘Precisely in an industry where figures and regulations are predominant and the stakes are high, I know my years of experience and personal approach can really make a difference in bringing change processes to a successful conclusion. A human, personal touch is what sets my approach apart from the rest. I always act with the best of intentions for clients and employees without losing sight of business results. With a structured approach and technical know how, I help simplify pension administration practices.’

My professional relationship with Arnoud goes back a long way. We first worked together in the 1990s at Mn Services.

In the years that followed, our paths crossed several times, and we worked together on a range of projects in different areas of the pensions market, with Arnoud as project leader or manager.

Arnoud's greatest assets are his sense of responsibility, result-driven attitude and unconventional management style. That’s what sets him apart from the rest. You can rely on him to get the job done, but also to answer any questions you may have. In other words, he has a roll-up-your-sleeves approach and he engages with the client in terms of cooperative thinking.

Unconventional in his approach, Arnoud acts according to a vision that he’s passionate about and he is able to pass that enthusiasm on to those he works with. This helps him to inspire others and achieve results.


Luciƫnne van Paassen, Montae