Gerco van der Wilt


‘Arnoud and I worked together for the first time on a project delivering the launch of a new pension product for a large multinational including the expansion and modernisation of the member portal. Another project that we completed involved guiding the transition process from the Shell Nederland DB fund. Administration and communications activitites have been outsourced from Shell Pensioenbureau Nederland BV to Syntrus Achmea.

Arnoud is a passionate project manager, who uses a pragmatic approach to arrive at a workable solution in a fast and structured way. As my ‘right-hand man’ in the above projects, I relied on him to solve problems with constructive solution strategies. In our joint Agile approach, Arnoud provides a ‘blue’ reality check to ensure everyone stays focused on our number one goal: a successful and timely implementation. Our collaboration is partnership in every sense of the word. The result is truly a joint effort. Side by side, and with help from many colleagues, we get a considerable amount of work done in our complex environment. Creative, with expert knowledge, and in a goal-oriented manner.’