Paul van Bijsterveldt


I met Arnoud in 2009 and he started working for our recruitment agency, Quermo, in 2011. His first project was for Shell Pension Fund Foundation, which marked the start of a pleasant working relationship between Shell, Quermo and Arnoud. Over the years, Arnoud has been a highly valued professional. Both Quermo and Shell Pension Fund Foundation’s CEO are more than happy with the way he carries out his work. Arnoud is an excellent project and programme manager with a wealth of subject-matter knowledge and expertise. He is very results oriented, driven to motivate and inspire others, and to achieve goals in a timely manner. As far as the future is concerned, I see Arnoud in a managerial or director’s role in the pensions sector, or as a self-employed professional working in partnership with others. Whatever path he chooses, I’m sure he’ll be successful. We would highly recommend his services.