After having worked in different areas of the pensions profession, my main focus is currently on line and project management. Besides having a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience, I’m also a member of the IM Register, which means I’m a certified interim manager. In the past few years, I have been involved in range of pensions management, programme management and interim team management projects, leading teams of up to 30 employees.

Overview of completed projects and activities

  • Co-owner of  SamenLeven Concept Development BV.
  • Programme Manager at Shell Pensions Bureau Netherlands
  • Project Manager at Shell Pensions Bureau Netherlands
  • Consultant at PPI PGGM
  • Project Manager at Syntrus Achmea Pension Services
  • Supervisor at VC Holland
  • Staff member of the administration office of Pensioenfonds Vervoer ( Dutch transport sector’s pension fund)
  • Pensions Bureau Manager at the Hagee Stichting
  • Implementation Manager at ASR Pensions
  • Team Manager at ASR Pensions
  • Team Manager at Nationale-Nederlanden
  • Implementation Manager at AEGON
  • Client support for Nationale-Nederlanden
  • and more.

This list is not exhaustive. For detailed information, please refer to my  LinkedIn profile

Arnoud and I worked together closely and successfully for four years. Initially our collaboration focussed on setting up a new pension fund, the Shell Pension Fund Foundation (SSPF). In the following years, a number of far-reaching changes to products and regulations were introduced. Arnoud successfully led the project and change management aspects of these transformation projects. Thanks to Arnoud we were able to complete various projects successfully and within the budgeted time and cost goals.


Sebastiaan van den Dries, Shell Pensioenbureau Nederland B.V.